A site-specific walk through performance exploring the 5 senses through movement with relation to 5 rooms in the house. Through interactivity, the characters present these sense to excite the audience through the process.

Get your sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch ready for an event that will have you on your toes throughout!

“Eyes let me see you, eyes give me sight. 
Tongues test the taste of food and flavour, nice or nasty, good or bad, unpleasant or delicious, whatever the taste.

Hands let me touch and feel warm or cold things, rough or smooth, wet or dry, and they can stroke gently or grip strongly.

Noses give the smell of fresh air, the smell of the sea, and every flower. 

Ears listen and hear a lot of different sounds, receive messages and sense loud and soft noises.

Senses help me to enjoy all the natural and beautiful things, to see, feel, smell, hear, and taste – everything I need to SENSE the world around me.”   –  Anonymous